Perimenopause, Parenting & PR

Joanne Fiddy

There is a potential new client on the horizon, and you have been asked to lead the pitch. Or perhaps you are about to launch, and you know next week it is going to be full on campaign mode.  For the past few weeks, you have been experiencing night sweats and are not sleeping that well. Getting the kids out the door to school zaps your energy before you have even started your commute into work. The key fob is left on the dining room table.  Oh, and did someone just mention it was World Book Day tomorrow!

Juggling Perimenopause, Parenting, and PR can feel overwhelming at times.

With over 30 symptoms and every experience unique it can understandably be a questionable time of wondering what is going on.  Many of my Clients do not even realise they are Perimenopausal, something they say just feels off.  

Such is the stigma of the past of talking about Perimenopause and Menopause, that generations of women have been and are suffering in silence and may feel embarrassed to talk about it.  Is it little wonder when it is not a subject that has been openly talked about only as a joke on TV.

Perimenopause can start in your early to mid-forties but can also begin in your late thirties as well. Menopause is when you have not had a period in 12 months, following Menopause you are then Post-Menopausal.  

Research fromBupa has shown that almost a million women, have left their job because of menopausal symptoms while CIPD research shows that around one in six people (17%) have considered leaving work due to a lack of support in relation to their menopause symptoms.

 As a Confidence Coach for Women in their 40’s I help women navigate their forth decade and get their confidence and va va voom back.  

 1)   Menopause in the Workplace. 

 Thankfully conversations are taking place, documentaries are being made and most recently the The Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC) issued the guidance to clarify the legal obligations for workers going through the menopause.  

If you feel comfortable speak to HR to discuss how they can support you from adjusting your working hours, to adding a fan at your desk through to remote working opportunities. If the thought of speaking to HR feels too big, could you speak with colleagues who are also going through Perimenopause? Set up a group whatsapp chat community for support and connection and even approach HR together as a team.   Research shows that Strength Training has numerous benefits for supporting the physical and emotional symptoms of Perimenopause. If there is company gym membership scheme take advantage of it. 

2)   Treat yourself like your Client. 

Time to invest your PR skills into your personal wellbeing campaign.   Treat yourself like your very own Client and develop a nourishing strategy with simple tactics that can support you through those juggles of campaign mode, kids being sick and when energy is running low.

Brainstorm in advance how you can you lessen the load of day-to-day tasks while conversing your energy during these stressful moments.

It might seem quite obvious yet even a few small tweaks can help.  Here are some examples and be curious and develop your own plan that works best for you and your workload.

Can the weekly food shop be ordered online and delivered to save time and energy?  If deciding what to cook in the evenings is one decision too much at the end of the day, could you meal prep some dinner options at the weekend that just need to be reheated. Or do you have a favourite takeaway that you can order from.

While night sweats are out of your control, turn your attention to what you can control. What could that look like? Could you keep a spare pair of Pj’s and sheets in your bedroom close by to make the process faster and easier.  Equally if you find that you are having hot flushes on the way into work, can you have a back-up wardrobe of essentials at the office? 

How can you help the future you of tomorrow, so that she can start her day with a little less stress ahead of her?  Could you create a nutritious lunch with energy boosting snacks? Or pack a gym bag and leave it by the front door.  If possible and I know as busy mums we love that extra hour to scroll, but can you go to bed early one night a week?

3)   SelfTalk

The conversation you have with yourself is the longest one you will ever have. What are you saying to yourself about this chapter of your life? Thoughts have power and words are the architect of our world and shape our behaviours and reactions.   I heard one woman recently reframe her Hot Flushes as a Power Surge. Powerful and it impacted how she approached them. 

To explore your self talk in more depth try these journal exercises.

What were my parents and caregivers conversations on ageing?

Where they positive or a negative experience?

What did I learn from this?

If it was a negative experience, then challenge it and be curious.

Is this really true?

How can I rewrite the script and change this belief?

Entering Perimenopause can be an adjustment emotionally, especially as growing up there were not that many role models for women over 40.  While society shone a spotlight on individuals under 25, it can feel like a women’s self-worth is attached to a sell by date.Thankfully there are an abundance of trailblazers in front leading the charge and changing the narrative on what it means to be in your 40’s, 50’s, 60’s and beyond. From Peri to Post, Menopausal women are not slinking off the shelf if anything it is an opportunity to become your authentic self and decide how you want the next chapter to be.  

Remember that Perimenopause and Menopause is part of the journey of living and being alive and by 2025 one billion people will be experiencing a menopause transition. You are not alone.   If you feel that your symptoms are having a negative impact on your quality of life, please do speak to your Dr to discuss various options available to you. 

JoanneFiddy is a Confidence Coach helping women in their 40’s get their confidence back and start thriving.  More informarion can be found on her site: